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Jewelry WE Want For Valentine’s Day!

Well, it’s that time ladies! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are anything like us, you know just what kind of jewelry you want placed in your hand come the big day. There’s so much to choose from, so let us break down the big jewelry trends this season and help you find something you’ll really love. If you want to send this article to your beloved as a hint, well, who are we to stop you?


Chokers Are Still In – In A Big Way

If you were around in the 90’s, you know just how big chokers were. They’ve come back around now, and they’re more popular than ever. Now, though, it’s not just the goth kids at school that have the monopoly on this neckwear trend. Anyone can really finish off an outfit with a choker.

If you want to rock a choker, you can go as simple or as out there as you’d like. You can wear a simple velvet band choker, which would perfectly set of an elegant evening outfit. You could also go all out with a black lace choker, complete with an oversized cross for true 90’s chic. The choice is up to you.


Jewelry Pearl and black antique crystal cross choker, VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

Find it HERE

Jewelry black lace pearl cross choker by Glamarella, model Katairina-Van-Derham, VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE

Find it HERE

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