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What is Jade Rolling? It’s Ancient and It WORKS!

There are all kinds of quick tips and tricks to get clear skin, but many of them never really pan out. When it comes to natural remedies to help your complexion, your best bet is to look at what’s been proven to work for years already. Jade rolling is a practice that you might have never heard of, but it’s been around for centuries as a practice that enhances the skin. Check it out!


What Is It?

Jade Rolling is an Ancient Chinese Medical treatment that utilizes a healing semi-precious stone (Jade stone), as well actual physical skin-stimulating methods to rev up circulation, de-puff the eyes, improve skin elasticity, and promote detoxifying lymphatic drainage in the face. Use it consistently, and you should notice quick results: evened out complexion, significantly less puffiness around the eyes, and a more defined facial structure in the cheekbones, jawline and brow area.



How to DIY

First thing’s first: you’ll need to purchase a Jade Stone Roller from a reputable store, likely to be found online; Alchemie Spa sells a great one for about $20. As soon as it comes in, place it in the freezer and allow it to cool a few hours before you use it. Before you pull it out and get moving on that skin, create for yourself a peaceful, positive environment that is naturally relaxing for you. White noise, calming music and natural sounds are all helpful for this, as is a dark room that’s both comfortable and has minimal distractions. When you’re ready to roll (literally), light a candle and get going.




Cleanse your face thoroughly before you start, and proper exfoliation with a high-quality product (like Isun, as recommended by Alchemie Spa. After exfoliation is complete, apply a serum, moisturizer or mask, and start rolling with your super cold jade rollers.


Start at the chest or the forehead, only moving outward and upward with about three passes through per area. This practice will literally brighten up your skin and roll out fine lines. After a couple of minutes, you may notice your mask or serum is becoming sticky against the roller; keep in mind that this is a good thing, as the nutrients from the product are being gently forced into the pores of the face. If the stickiness is beginning to irritate, spritz your face with a bit of water, and keep going. If you skipped the mask and only did a moisturizer or clear serum, you’ll notice your face begin to redden in certain areas – this is a sign of increased circulation and helping with cell rebuilding.


Finally, wipe your face clean and add a bit of moisturizer to finish up.


We think that you’ll love the skin-boosting effects of jade rolling, but you’ll also love how soothing it feels. Feel free to make this a practice 3-4 times a week, and enjoy every minute of it!



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