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Ivanka Trump’s Brand is Now Being Sued!

The First Daughter’s brand is being sued with a claim of ‘unfair competition.’

Yes, the Ivanka Trump Marks LLC is being sued. A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Ivanka Trump’s brand.  This action was filed on Thursday at the San Francisco Superior Court by Modern Appealing Clothing, a San Francisco-based apparel retailer.


Modern Appealing Clothing has filed this lawsuit claiming that Ivanka has an unfair advantage, as her father is the President of the United States. Also, they claim that Ivanka and her husband also have an unfair advantage as they both work for the President.


Modern Appealing Clothing believes that both the President and counselor, Kellyanne Conway, publicized Ivanka’s company to help boost sales. Donald Trump said on Twitter that Nordstrom was treating her unfairly by dropping her line. And on an appearance on Fox & Friends, Kellyanne Conway very flatly asked viewers to purchase Ivanka’s merchandise.


The lawsuit is also asking for a restraining order to prevent Ivanka’s label from being sold in California. The lawsuit reads, “As a result of their unlawful acts, defendants have reaped and continue to reap unfair benefits and illegal profits at the expense of plaintiff MAC and the Class it seeks to represent.”


While some say that what Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway did is illegal, her line undoubtedly suffers from this presidency as well.  Protesters against Ivanka’s line were using the hashtag, #grabyourwallet, which is a boycott to not purchase from any retailer who carries her line.  Ivanka might be unfairly benefitting from the presidency, but she is also being harmed by it as well. We are not excusing any illegal acts of Kelly or Donald. but it seems that the unfair competition has gone both ways.




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