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It’s Finally Here! Thousands Wait in Line for the NEW iPhone X!

The iPhone X launches TODAY!

Well, the long wait is finally over and the highly anticipated iPhone X goes on sale today. The new Apple iPhone X, which will set consumers back a hefty $1149.00 for the 256 GB version and $999 for the 64 GB version, went on sale all over the world this morning!


What is touted on the newest version of the iPhone? It is known for new facial-recognition software. Also, there is a new feature, Animoji, that allows you to turn your face into an animated character! So cute! And, perhaps not surprisingly, it is already being sold out worldwide! With worldwide demand increasing, many are listing their new devices on Ebay for double the price!


The newest version of the iPhone also has an OLED screen which has more color than the standard LCD iPhone screen. The OLED technology is the highest pixel density for an iPhone. Also, there is no home button anymore. The user must swipe up from the bottom to unlock. And it also features Qi and AirPower wireless charging. This enables the user to charge multiple devices at once.


If you order the new iPhone X online, you can expect a delivery time of five to six weeks.  And last night in Singapore, about 300 customers waited in a queue overnight to purchase the new iPhone X! And some eager fans even flew in from other countries to Singapore to purchase the new iPhone X! In Sydney, Australia, around 400 people waited outside Apple’s flagship store for the new phone. In Tokyo, Japan, approximately 550 people were waiting in line for the store in Omotesando to open. Here in the States, the Apple store in New York City saw lines forming last night!

So, what about YOU? Are you excited to purchase the new iPhone X today?



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