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Is Tom Petty Really Dead?

BREAKING NEWS: Is Tom Petty still clinging to life in a Los Angeles hospital?

Hold on to your hats because if you heard earlier today that Tom Petty died, this may not be true.  But according to recent Twitter posts as early as less than ten minutes ago, the legendary front man for The Heartbreakers might still be alive!

That’s right, as crazy as it sounds, CBS originally made the announcement of his death via the Los Angeles Police Department. But now other sources such as TMZ say he is still clinging to life.  In fact, an LAPD spokesperson said, “The LAPD has no information about the passing of singer Tom Petty. Initial information was inadvertently provided to some media sources. However, the LAPD has no investigative role in this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience in this reporting.”

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USA Today is also reporting that Petty is still alive.  They tweeted, “#BREAKING Rocker Tom Petty hospitalized; condition unclear; initial reports that he died were retracted.”

And Tweeted, “CORRECTION: Tom Petty is reportedly in critical condition. We deleted an earlier tweet slating the singer has died.”

Petty was found in full cardiac arrest on Sunday night at his home in Malibu.  He was found not breathing and unconscious and was taken to the hospital.  Emergency medical technicians did find a pulse, but it is reported that there was no brain activity when he arrived to the hospital.

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Sources say that at 10:30 this morning a chaplain was summoned and the family has a DNR (do not resuscitate order) on him.  And it is reported that although he is still alive, he is not expected to live through the night.

We are sending positive energy to Tom as he and the Heartbreakers just completed a summer tour with a finale at the Hollywood Bowl.  This marked the 40th anniversary of the band.



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