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Is Lady Gaga’s Belly Sexy?

Many are debating Gaga’s stomach size after this year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show.

If you were like most Americans on Sunday night, you were engrossed in the Super Bowl. Many have already said the Patriots win was the best comeback of all time in the history of the game.  But another observation trending after the game was Lady Gaga’s stomach.


As strange as it may seem, the lack of firmness in Gaga’s belly has caused a huge uproar on social media. First off, the performance was stellar, with many thanking her for entertaining us. But while watching the halftime show, one would have to admit, her belly was hanging out of her costumes a little. And it jiggled. Not that this is necessarily a “bad” thing. But perhaps it surprised many who thought her costume choices should have covered this area better. One observer said, “Gaga, that flap though!”  And another said, “I just feel like #Gaga’s dough should’ve been tucked in better.”


What happened after her performance was a social media frenzy of body shaming. And then, as if to counteract the bullying, others were saying that potbellies are sexy. First of all, that was not a potbelly! Hahaha  However, one fan wrote, “Gaga got that meat on da bones I love”. While another said, “Can we talk about Lady Gaga’s cute belly?” Yet another Gaga supporter added, “I wish I had a pot belly. Pot bellies are sexy… like Madonna when she did Lucky Star.”


While most will agree that potbellies are not sexy, and will never be, Gaga can get away with ANYTHING. She has always been non-conformist, and that includes the way she views her own body and frankly. Heck, that is a huge part of what has made her so famous and so sexy all these years.  She has a fare-thee-well attitude and doesn’t care what others may think – and THAT makes her sexy regardless.  So, in her case, it works.  For the most part however, potbellies are not sexy and never will be … sorry guys!


Lady Gaga Belly Super Bowl LI Halftime Performance Show photo by AP

photo by AP






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