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Is a Women’s Success Based More on Her Appearance Than We Think?

Most of us have been taught that landing the perfect job comes down to having the right qualifications, expertise and ability. However, experts say for women, success might be based more on appearance than on ability.

A panel of professionals at the Vogue Festival in London said, when asked who they are most likely to hire, would employ stylish, well-groomed candidates. They believe that first impressions are based on appearance and having a perfect manicure, blow dry and well-groomed look can form an opinion about someone instantly.

While good grooming is important, it doesn’t have to break your budget. Vogue Editor-at-Large, Fiona Golfar said, “I think you can add a million dollars to your look if you get a good blow dry, get your color done and get a manicure. You think about dressing for success and it’s not just the clothes you put on. It’s the whole picture.”

Having the right job skills are vital. And simple, good grooming also makes a difference on who will get the job according to the experts. So celebrate yourself, be the best you can be, and land that job!



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