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Introducing Faux Mink Glam Lashes!

Which lash line now carries glamorous faux mink eyelashes?

I had recently gone to a makeup seminar featuring a well-known makeup artist. After the event, we all received a goody bag and I was so excited to see what was inside. When I saw a pair of gorgeous eyelashes I was absolutely thrilled to try them on. When I did, I was so surprised how lush they were. They made my eyes appear large and doe-eyed. I was in love with what I thought was going to be my new favorite pair of lashes.

That was until my friend notified me to the fact that these were mink eyelashes. I had no idea, but she was correct. I was disappointed because I wanted that lush, silky look that these lashes provided.  Well, apparently many others were looking for this glamorous look, but also wanted lashes that were 100% cruelty free.

lily lash model

You see, in order to attain the hairs from a mink, the minks are killed. They are not “lightly brushed out” like so many manufacturers would like you to believe. Minks are aggressive by nature, so there is no way a mink would allow someone to brush out their fur. China would like to you think they have “cruelty-free” mink lashes. They do not, no matter what they say.

However, now there is a way to get the lushness and fullness of mink eyelashes without the cruelty! Lily Lashes has just announced they have released faux mink eyelashes in some of their favorite styles. That’s right, the Miami and Mykonos styles are now available in vegan versions. Incidentally, these are two of their most popular lashes! And now you can get them cruelty-free.

lily lashes

They have several other faux mink styles to choose that are complimentary on just about every eye shape! So, what are you waiting for? You can now get faux mink lashes and be confident that your purchase is a cruelty-free one. Enjoy!



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