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Interview with Musician Rebecca Perl

For all of you who enjoy the folk sound of The Lumineers, Jewel, and Mumford and Sons, check out this budding new artist from New York! (Photos courtesy of Rebecca Perl)

With a name as short and sweet as Rebecca Perl, you would probably assume that the girl would be just as sweet. Add in a little spunk, growing up in Long Island New York, and you’ve got our next artist. Rebecca Perl is a musician who plays multiple instruments, not just someone who strums four chords on a guitar, and is just as sweet as her name sounds. But, hopefully, she’s not sweet to a fault. Over the phone, she appeared to be a little shy and I had to push her to get longer answers. This is not unusual since she sings a light, blues-y style of rock. A softer genre is generally played by a more introverted musician. But, luckily, her music is debuting in the midst of a folk revival in the industry. If she has a strong personality on stage and a strong debut album, Rendezvous, coming out April 27th, she might really score it big if she lands an opening gig for a big artist such as one of her favorites, John Mayer. So if you’re tired of listening to the loud club music of Rihanna, Beyonce, or Ke$ha, take a listen to her first single, Rendezvous. This Perl is quite a gem.


Q&A with Rebecca Perl

Your debut album comes out April 27th. Are you excited? How are you preparing for it?

We’re doing a release party at Webster Hall on the 27th. It will be the first time we get to play it live.  We made the album pretty quickly, quicker than I thought. I met these two producers and they took a liking to my music. The past five or six months, I’ve been constantly writing and practicing in and out of the studio.

Are there any particular tracks that are you most excited to release?

I’m really excited to play all of them, but if I had to choose one it would be “Wind and Fire”.  It’s a song that I wrote years ago but I’m excited to play that one. I really like all of them.

What was your inspiration for the title, and album in general, Rendezvous?

I think that I’m in a habit of writing songs that make me feel comfortable. Having a rendezvous with things or people was just something that I’ve always done. The album is a bunch of songs about little moments that I’ve had and remembering again.

As a new artist on the scene, it’s inevitable that you will get compared to other artists. I can hear a similarity to Avril Lavigne when she sings ballads. What comparisons do you hear most often?

I get Jewel a lot actually. Lisa Loeb [is another].

You recently opened for Teddy Geiger, Tyler Hilton, and Ryan Cabrera on their joint tour. How was that? Did you get to perform with them?

That was great. It was a lot of fun. [We started] right at the new year on January 4. [We went] down the East Coast, in New Jersey, New York, D.C., and Baltimore. It was my first time hopping on tour with musicians that were pretty established. It was a great time.

I played with Tyler more than with Ryan and Teddy, [Tyler] is such a nice guy. He’s fun and so good. I love his music. I love the other two [as well]. They’re all pretty flirty but that’s why they’re fun.

What was it like to grow up in a musical household?

My parents, uncles, and cousins all played guitar. I didn’t pick it up until I was 13. Everybody would just sit around and play songs, a lot of the oldies. My dad and uncle used to play The Beatles and The Rolling Stones a lot. [The] Beach Boys’ “Kokomo” is the one I’ll think of [when I think of my family] as well as Simon and Garfunkel. I grew up playing piano as well as the violin and French horn.

What music inspires you? Why do you choose to play folk rock?

Maybe, subconsciously, I like those styles best. I started with very pop-y music when I was 13 and 14. But, then I started to listen to artists like Dave Matthews and John Mayer. They have such a jazzy blues-y undertone that I fell in love with. I just started playing it. There’s just something about that rhythm that gets me. It all fits together well.



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