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Interview with the Founders of Hapbee Company: Kendall and Kevin Schmidt, Carlos and Alexa Penavega

Have you heard of the Hapbee Company? Maybe not until two seconds ago, but fans of “Big Time Rush”, “Grease: Live”, and “Dancing with the Stars” will already be quite familiar with the founders: Kendall Schmidt, Carlos Penavega, Alexa Penavega, and Kevin Schmidt. Hapbee Company is a natural and organic lifestyle company that recently launched their first product, a skin care subscription called the Hapbee Face Kit. The kit features three products: the Hapbee Scrub, Hapbee Jelly, and the Hapbee Face Bar.

We’ve seen many celebrities come out with their own skincare line, but most of them have no voice in the process at all. These guys created everything from scratch and with high-quality ingredients, which you can tell from your first application. The face bar is really gentle and soothing, the scrub really does its job, and the jelly leaves your face so soft and moisturized.

While watching Carlos and Kendall get turned into zombies by their makeup artists for their commercial, we had the opportunity to interview them, as well as Alexa and Kevin, about how the company came to “bee” and their journey switching to non-toxic and natural skincare.

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As performers, you have been sitting in a makeup chair since a young age. How quickly did you realize that the makeup/skincare you were using wasn’t good for you?

Carlos: First season of “Big Time Rush”, we were doing airbrushing on the face for 20, almost 30 episodes. We were breaking out like crazy, not to mention shaving every day. Our faces were destroyed. We quickly had to figure out solutions; they weren’t the best afterward, but they were way better.

Now when I go on sets, I have to tell them some of the makeup’s not good, I can’t do this. I feel like it’s been trial and error, which is kind of life.

Kendall: You find yourself being the guy in the makeup chair [asking], “Is this makeup organic? Is this mineral?” And they’re like “Are you serious?” Then I say, “Legitimately.” I’m trying to get through a few weeks without a volcano appearing on my face.


What has changed since you’ve learned about non-toxic makeup and skincare?

Carlos: I’m much more aware now. During my BTR days, I’d fall asleep with my makeup on. Now, I wash my face every single day.

Alexa: With a baby now, you become so much more aware of what goes on your body in general. I used to use all sorts of lotions that I thought were fine, but at the end of the day, when you look at what’s in them, it’s not safe for me or my kid. I always have him on my face, kissing him like crazy. Whatever I’m using, he’s using. Knowing that we have products I can put on him if I want to and he’s fine, that’s great.


Usually, those who care about what they put on their body also care what they put in your body. In what way does nutrition play a part in your skincare?

Kevin: Awareness of products came from nutrition. I was really heavy growing up because I wasn’t eating good, quality food. I ate a lot of food in general, too many calories and not enough exercise. Once I learned about nutrition, then I [changed] what I was putting on my body.  From there it became a process. We started going to farmer’s markets when I was 18 (and Kendall was 15).


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