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This INSANE Hotel in Dubai!

Think you know luxury? You’ll think again and up your standards once you hear a little bit about this incredibly insane hotel. Welcome to Atlantis The Palm in Dubai! Let’s take a look at a few things that make this amazing resort one of the most luxurious places to stay in the world.


Atlantis The Palm Hotel

On the Biggest Man-Made Island in the World…

One of the biggest draws of this one of a kind luxury hotel is that it’s located in Dubai, right on the crescent of the largest man-made island in the world: Palm Island. On a map, the island is shaped (literally) like a palm tree, and Atlantis the Palm sits right at the tip top of the leaf, between the Persian Sea and the beautiful mainland of Dubai, with its spectacular skylines, over 500 kilometers of beach, and world famous tourist attractions.




Complete with Underwater Suites

Sleep with the fishes if you must, and book yourself one of the most unique suites in the world, completely underwater. The atmosphere is fascinating, intimate and romantic, and though we don’t recommend you spend all of your time in your underwater suite, you very well may want to when you book one. What kind of views are you in for with these suites? Floor to ceiling windows throughout the suite (even in the ensuite bathroom) provide breathtaking underwater views of the mythical lost city of Atlantis and it’s 65,000 marine inhabitants.


Photo by Atlantis The Palm


Photo by Atlantis The Palm


Photo by Atlantis The Palm

With Rooms that Get Up to $30,000 a Night

If your pocketbook is deeper than most, then why not go for the best of the best: the Royal Bridge Suite, which books at up to $30,000 a night. This private, exclusive and truly unique suite stands at 924 square meters and has stunning panoramic views of the Gulf, the city, and everything in between. Book the Royal Bridge Suite, and you’ll be greeted at the guarded entrance elevators by your own personal team of people – everyone from Butlers to Chefs – to suit your own individual need apart from the rest of the resort.


This suite has three luxurious bedrooms to choose from, each designed uniquely with a blend of Arabic elegance and modern-day luxury. Each bedroom shares a common area called the Majestic Lounge. It’s incredibly spacious, chock-full of high-end décor, and is perfect for gathering with family or friends for a bit of entertaining. Guests staying in the Royal Bridge Suite will enjoy two complimentary head, neck and shoulder massages, two complimentary 30 minutes personal training sessions, and full access to the steam, sauna and jet pool facilities in the world class spa. Want a little bit more? Don’t hesitate to request ensuite services for any spa treatment available.


Photo by Atlantis The Palm


Photo by Atlantis The Palm


Photo by Atlantis The Palm


Yea, so, just may be your next destination, get the wallet and/ or vision board ready!


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