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If You Are Looking for Happiness Watch This Video!

The SUN video by Mike Orth is going viral and here’s why!

Let’s face it, life is difficult. It often never seems to go as planned. And there can be loss, pain and sorrow. But, sometimes difficulties in life can be followed by miracles that will change your life for the better.

And even if you don’t have faith in it now, these challenges can only help to lead you down a greater path. Believe it or not, this higher path was designed specifically for YOU! Each person’s path is different and uniquely created. If you trust in the Universe, you will only achieve happiness and joy!


And this is how a new song, SUN, came to be. This video has quickly gone viral as it speaks about life’s challenges and the ability to overcome them.


Mike Orth, the musician who created SUN, believes you should trust the Universe to make all things right.  And you can see in this video that he believes in spirituality, positivity and living life in a state of miracles!


He has gone through loss of jobs, financial hardships and tumultuous relationships.  Haven’t we all experienced pain like this in life? And how difficult is it to overcome these hard challenges? How many of us have felt like simply giving up?

SUN will make you focus on what is really important in life and will help you re-direct your future and energy! So, watch this video and feel the positivity Mike Orth wants YOU to experience in life!


Because your life is meant to be full of blessings and success. Allow it to take you on the journey that was intended for YOU!

TO WATCH SUN by The Upright Dogs and Mike Orth CLICK HERE!


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