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How to Write the Perfect Instagram Captions

How can you make the most of your Instagram posts?

Most of the world is on social media. Any free moment that we get, many of us are engrossed on our phones looking at Instagram . We use it for fun and relaxation, inspiration, and also for business as a keen marketing tool. So what are the key factors that allow you to build your following and your brand on Instagram?

When it comes to this social media platform in specific, it is really about the visuals. It’s important to get the proper images to relay your brand to others. In addition, after you have chosen the specific image that will convey your message, the caption is vital to giving the image a voice. Therefore, the voice is equally important as the image as it explains to your audience what you are trying to tell them. Are you simply being funny and posting a joke to make them laugh? Or are you asking them to take action on a certain issue that is important to you?

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You might think the caption is an afterthought because you are primarily interested in the image. But remember,  you might be losing out on the opportunity to engage your audience if you do this. And engagement means more followers.

One of the best ways to write an ideal caption is the take the time to create a few drafts of what you are trying to say. Don’t hurry, take your time to really think this out. You can even ask your friends, family, or co-workers which one they think is best. Hopefully, this will encourage your followers to share your content with others.

Also, the placement of your text is crucial. Remember to put your important text towards the front of your caption. Why? Instagram cuts off the captions in users feeds after three or four lines of text. So you want your followers to see the good stuff right away!

Another way to engage your followers is to incite them to do something. This call-to-action asks them to do an act rather than just scroll by your image. Action verbs generate more shares than noun and adjectives. So a phrase like, “double tap if you like this pic” is a way to engage your audience further.

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Another way to engage your followers is to simply ask a question. This will encourage them to respond to you. “Where would you go for a tropical getaway?” is a great example of a simple question to ask. You might be surprised at how many people actually respond back to you!

Don’t forget to invite your followers to tag their friends. This way they will share your post with others that you might not know. A great example would be, “It’s National Dog Day! Tag a friend who loves puppies!”

And we know everyone likes to use hashtags, but don’t go overboard with them. This can look spammy to your followers. Limit them to 3 or 4 per entry. Also, be certain to include them at the end of your caption, not before. This way, if your caption is long, the hashtags will be hidden from people’s feeds. This is good because they are there for search reasons anyways.

And finally, when it doubt, keep it short. People will not usually take the time to read long paragraphs in their Instagram feeds. Remember, this is a visually-based social media platform. Keep your posts to a few sentences at most. A great example is, “Goodbye summer, Hello #pumpkinspice!”



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