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How To Save Money on Makeup Without Compromising Quality

Makeup is a fun passion and hobby, but it can get expensive. With a constantly evolving world of trends and new products, what’s a beauty guru on a budget to do?

The good news is that makeup is all about innovation, which doesn’t stop at application.

When it comes to makeup, cheap doesn’t have to mean bad quality, and you can find ways to stay glam and save your bank account without sacrificing your look.

Follow Beauty Bloggers and Youtubers

This allows you to stay up to date on any upcoming sales or interesting coupons that may come in handy to get awesome products at reduced prices.

Join Mailing Lists

Join mailing lists of beauty brands and blogs to get notified about any potential savings that could benefit you.

If you don’t want to get the newsletter emails mixed up with your personal emails, just create a new email and check it periodically (twice per week is usually good enough).

You don’t need to read them all, just check the titles first.

Use Drugstore Brands

When you watch a YouTube makeup tutorial, most of the products are from big brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced. While these companies may be considered the heavy hitters of any beauty aficionado’s arsenal, you can find plenty of comparable products online or at your local Target or drug store for half the cost. Just make sure to verify that they’re cruelty-free before you buy!

For example, a concealer from a premium brand could easily cost over $40 dollars while a drugstore concealer with raving reviews could cost under $10.


Photo Credit: Pixi by Petra

Allow Your Eyes To Wander

Next time you’re in Sephora or another cosmetics store, allow your eyes to wander downwards a bit. Eye level is prime real estate in sales and many of the more premium brands pay more for this advantage without any significant uptick in quality.

Therefore, if you look below eye level from time to time, you will usually find products of the same quality for a fraction of the price.

Free Makeup

While you’re in the store, don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Many large beauty stores and brands have samples readily available for anyone who’s willing to ask.

Get a Pair Of Scissors

For all your products in tubes, use your scissor to cut them open when their finished because those things aren’t truly finished until you cut them open.

This tip can also be applied to other products you use, such as toothpaste.

Amazon and Ebay

Before buying directly from a big brand’s website, look on Amazon and eBay to see if you can get the same products at a lower price, as long as they aren’t counterfeits.

Tis The Season

If you’re one to stay up to date with seasonal looks, and you want to do so on a budget, buy shades when they are off season. For example, buy your brighter shades during the fall or winter to prepare for the summer when they’ll be in season.


Speaking of Brushes

The real X factor when applying mascara is the brush. Buy a mascara with a good brush once then use that brush with cheaper bottles in the future.

Be sure to rinse the brush with hot water to remove clumps and any previous bacteria that may have accumulated.

What are the best cheap makeup brands?

There are a lot of wildly popular and effective makeup brands with products less than $20; and while you still may want to splurge on a good staple palette or reliable foundation, these cosmetic brands give everyone the ability to change up their look and experiment with makeup without giving up quality or being constrained by a tight budget.

NYX Cosmetics

Named after the Greek goddess of light, NYX has risen to the top of the affordable industry and become a frontrunner in makeup for the everyday beauty fan.

From a diverse brush line to concealers, eyeshadow palettes, and contour kits, NYX is an approachable and multicated choice for anyone who wants to learn more about makeup, step up their style game, and stay current on makeup trends without spending a ton of money.

Makeup hacks NYX Lid Lingerie


e.l.f. is a professional makeup brand that prides itself on its affordability; Cruelty-free and available at Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and the like, e.l.f. is a luxury brand for a low cost.

21 Eyeshadow Palettes You Need for Your Spring Makeup Looks E.l.f.

When every penny counts, it pays to research. The internet has no shortage of YouTube beauty hauls, reviews, slideshows and more that’ll help point you in the right direction.

Combine those with the tips listed here and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the money you can save!



Guest Author: Trysh Sutton




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