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How to Make Your Chest Look Bigger, er Better

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Perhaps one of the most alluring part of a woman’s body are her breasts. Throughout the centuries, desired size and shape of breasts has changed. From the “va-va voom” hourglass shape of the 1950s – as seen in actresses Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Mamie Van Doren – to the slim, flat-chested look of the 1960s – represented by models Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton – breasts have been forever changing.

In the 1990s, Pamela Anderson and Baywatch brought back large breasts. As a result, there was a rise in breast enhancement surgery during this time.

Today, looking good is all about proportion, not necessarily having large breasts. In fact, large breasts on a woman with a small, slight frame can look cartoonish and garish. Large breasts on a bigger woman can make her look heavier than she actually is.  So, how can you make your breasts look more alluring in today’s fashion? Here are some simple steps on how to make your breasts look their best!


Your Bra Size

Did you know studies have shown that over 80% of women are wearing the incorrect bra size? Yes, you heard right! Most women are wearing a bra that is two sizes too small for them according to underwear brand, Curvy Kate. Wearing an ill-fitting bra will not allow you to look your best. In fact, wearing a bra that is too tight can make you appear to have extra bulges behind your arms and on your back. This is not a winning look! Go to your local lingerie store and ask to be properly measured and fitted for a bra that is your size. After all, you think you might be wearing the right size bra, but chances are, you are not!


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