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How to Look Like a SEXY French Girl

How to get the classic French look that everyone adores! C’est magnifique!

Let’s face it, French women are envied the world over for their beauty and flawless look. But what sets them apart from the rest of us? How do they achieve their signature look that makes them so unique and desired? Well, wonder no more because here are some of the beauty secrets French women have been using for years!

Less is More-French women use minimal makeup on their faces. Try skipping foundation and contouring. We know this is the opposite of what is trending right now on Instagram. But French women use only a bit of concealer where they need it, primer, loose powder and highlighter. The result is a natural and youthful looking complexion! Look at chanteuse Francoise Hardy in her heyday!


Natural Brows and Cheeks-Once again, this is contrary to the makeup looks you’ve been seeing on social media. But French women have been doing this for years and it is not “trendy” makeup. They sparingly dab on a bit of blush on their cheeks and lightly fill in their brows. This technique frames your face without being too much.
French actress Marion Cotillard is simply stunning!


A Defined, Yet Simple Eye. French women choose not to overly define their eye. A simple swipe of mascara and eyeliner is all you might need. Lids can be kept bare so makeup time in the morning it kept to a minimum! Catherine Deneuve is the perfect example of the classic Parisian girl!


Red, Sexy Lips-Here’s where French women choose to draw your attention. The rest of their face may be kept at a bare minimum when it comes to color. However, when it comes to the lips, they are definitely the focal point of desire! Don’t be afraid to go for a sexy, rich red lipstick. If you feel like that is too much, minimize the color with a sheer finish or simple gloss! And Brigitte Bardot has the sexiest lips ever!
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