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How to Look Great Naked

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Summer is here and with it comes fashion that shows a lot more skin. With more of you showing this season, here are a few tips on how to look great naked or in your teeny bikini!



Skin that has not been exfoliated in a while looks dull and lifeless. Make your skin glow by exfoliating at least once a week in the shower. You can either use a loofah, exfoliating brush, or soap with natural exfoliating agents such as ground almond kernels. In addition to your arms, legs and torso, don’t forget your feet, elbows, and heels that can get dry and scaly. By doing this, you will promote skin to regenerate and it will also improve circulation. This will make your skin as soft as a newborn baby’s!


Exfoliation- How to and Its Benefits-clarisonic



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