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How to Break Out of Your Cheese Addiction

Cheese addiction is real, but you can stop your cravings now!

I know it may sound implausible, but cheese addiction is a real thing. You might have even thought that you were addicted to cheese in the past, but told yourself it couldn’t possibly be true. In fact, these cheese cravings that you are experiencing are very real and quitting cheese is almost like quitting a drug!

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In the past, I told myself I would love to go vegan, except I couldn’t give up eggs or cheese. Cheese was comfort food for me. I loved it sliced on crackers, melted in sandwiches, and shredded on pasta. I guess you could say it was my drug of choice.

Cheese, I found out, is highly addictive just like sugar. The reason why it is so addictive is because it contains casein. When digested, casein becomes casomorphins, and casomorphins are opioids. They produce the feelings of euphoria and they can also lower pain. Cheese can also calm you. And since it is high in fat and salt, it makes you crave it all the more.

Think for a moment about junk food. If you love potato chips, fried foods, cookies, cakes, and candy, they all contain a combination of salt and sugar. This is what makes us also crave cheese.

And just like other opiates such as morphine and opium, they are addictive. So, if you stop eating cheese, you will crave it. The good news is, once you break the cycle, the cravings will stop.

But how in the world do you break your cheese addiction? Well, the main thing it takes is willpower. I know that sounds too simple, but if you can stay completely away from cheese for a few weeks, the cravings will go away.

And if you crave salt, try something different like olives or something else that has a strong flavor. Also, using yeast flakes in food can substitute for a cheesy flavor. Or you can find a restaurant that uses vegan cheese for pizza! Vegan pizzas taste great and you won’t feel like you are missing out on anything!

vegan cheese pizza

Before you know it, you will not be craving cheese at all, and you’ll break the cycle of your addiction!



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