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How to Best Avoid a Nip Slip

Ah, the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. With almost every event or function we attend, we have to pick out the perfect dress, whether we spend hours shopping for it or simply reach for our classic LBD. No matter what we wear, we constantly face the fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Sure, celebrities must suffer the wrath of having their nip slips plastered across every magazine, but us normal people suffer as well. No one wants to show up to work the morning after the office Christmas party to the nickname Nip Slip Sara. No. Just, no. While wardrobe malfunctions come in many different shapes and sizes, none are as recurring and tragically embarrassing as the nip slip. Well, we say no more! These simple tips and tricks are going to keep your look on point!

Fashion Tape


Whether it’s a basic nip slip or a full-on wardrobe malfunction, fashion tape is every woman’s best friend! This is every celebrity stylist’s best kept secret. Fashion tape is basically a double-sided tape that is formulated to not harm the skin while it clings to both your skin and the fabric. The double-sided tape is super strong and will keep your dress perfectly in shape all night long.

Nipple Pasties


Photo Credit: Adhesive Breast Lifts

If your chances of nip slip are looking extra high, so much so that even some fashion tape can’t save you, then we have you covered (literally). Nipple pasties aren’t just for burlesque dancers, it would appear. You can easily find some sticky nipple pasties online that are flesh-toned and painless to remove. Just place one of them on each nipple, and you’ll know you’ll be covered, even if your dress has a mind of its own.

Sexy Bra


Photo Credit: Sylene

A very common nip slip situation is via a see-through dress. We can’t help it, sheer fabrics are just so pretty we love rocking them! Instead of worrying all night about a bright light catching you off-guard, we have an alternative solution that’s going to elevate your look as well! Instead of risking it all, throw on a sexy bra or bralette under your dress. That way, even if your dress is too sheer it’ll look like that’s the look you were going for!

Own It!

Try as we might, sometimes wardrobe malfunctions are unavoidable! With these three tricks you’ve done all you can, but if your nipple is persistent on joining the party then just embrace it and #freethenipple! The only way to deal with a nip slip is to accept it and own it!



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