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How is Kylie Jenner Celebrating Her Birthday?

It’s Kylie’s 20th birthday, how is she celebrating?

Kylie Jenner’s birthday was yesterday and how is she celebrating? She shot in sexy lingerie on a motorcycle! After all, isn’t that how you should be celebrating your 20th?

This shoot was all about sex appeal as she posted some of her steamy shots on Instagram.  From the images, we can see that her motorcycles was baby pink (of course!) to match her outfit which consisted of pink lingerie accented with feminine flowers. On top of her lingerie, she is wearing a sheer crop top that sparkles! Her shoes were high platforms also in a light pink and embellished with a floral motif.  And her hair was also powder pink to match her birthday theme!

kylie motorcycle

Her body was perfectly toned yet curvy in all of the right places.  And as she seductively looked to the side, her perfect pout that has made her so famous looked gorgeous in a matte dusty rose lip color that is to die for!

Kylie’s birthday look was styled by Jill Jacobs who has styled her sisters, Kendall and Khloe before. As a result, Kylie looked absolutely stunning and 100% flawless as she posed atop her pink motorcycle.

kylie sitting next to bike

Kylie has many reasons to celebrate her 20th birthday this year. At this tender age, she is already a lipstick mogul and beauty entrepreneur with her line of makeup, Kylie Cosmetics. And with her huge social media presence, she is one of the top 10 most followed people on Instagram! Her life will also be followed by millions as they watch her new reality show, “The Life of Kylie” which premieres this month!

Happy Birthday to Kylie Jenner, wishing you many more wonderful years to come!


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