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How Far Will High-End Fashion Go to Get Your Attention?

Is Your Favorite Designer an Attention Whore? Just How Far Will These Designers Go to get YOUR Attention?

Seriously folks, just how far will high-end fashion designers go these days to get your attention? Recently, well-renown designers have been going to outrageous and over-the-top lengths to cause a media frenzy!


Earlier this week, Gucci caused a social media uproar when they cast aliens in their new campaign. (And by “alien” we don’t mean the illegal type. We mean aliens from another planet.) Their newest supermodels included Kerelanda Encanta from Xoph, Sea Beast from a water planet and an android named Shipley from an orbiting construction facility. This left many confused with commenters on Instagram saying, “Uhhh, what is this?” and “Gucci, are you okay?” While others commented in confusion, “WTF?” and “What does this mean?”


Gucci-alien campaign-VGM-660, highland fashion

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Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana caused a near riot in the streets of Italy by using Generation Z talents such as actress Zendaya in their newest campaign in an effort to appeal to a new audience.



And who can forget the recent collaboration of American artist Jeff Koons with Louis Vuitton on their new Master’s Collection? Many believe this collaboration that includes great works of art re-created by Koons on handbags is simply ridiculous and tacky. Why? The artist’s names are emblazoned in large gold letters across each purse. Some have referred to these creations as “giant pieces of hip hop jewelry.” Certainly, they are attention-grabbing, but many are saying they are simply not in good taste.



Speaking of shocking high-end fashion ads this year, did you see the Yves Saint Laurent campaign that featured models in poses that featured their crotches? That’s right, women were posed with their crotches at the camera, were open in potentially submissive positions, and with parts of their body or heads missing. Many in Paris were outraged and accused Yves Saint Laurent of
degrading the women. They also said the ads were promoting possible sexual assault.


YSL Campaign 2017 woman spread legs roller heels


While some are criticizing the lengths designers are going to as shamelessly seeking your attention, others are saying it is simply working from a public relations angle. After all, how much attention did Gucci get this week from posting their intergalactic models on social media? A lot. And whether you stared in amazement, agreed or disagreed with them, you were taking time from your busy day to focus on what Gucci had to offer. In this sense, they accomplished what they intended to do: get your attention.

Yes, perhaps high-end fashion brands are going to silly lengths to grab your focus. But in the busy, fast-paced world of social media, you have to come up with something fresh, new and innovative to get noticed.



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