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Heck Yes to Learning Vegan Thai in Spain!

An intensive 5-day vegan Thai training in Mallorca, Spain!


FYI, for those of you who are not familiar, May Kaidee is known by many as the originator of vegetarianism in Thailand cuisine. And many are enthralled with her hearty and healthy Thai, vegetarian and raw food dishes. She’s also the founder of the leading vegan cooking school in Thailand and also has schools teaching her technique in Cambodia and New York.  Now, May will be leading a vegan Thai training course, furthering her influence in food as well as helping create even more incredible cooks to help pass along the culture.


Vegan Thai training Spain May Kaidee cooking class girls


In May, she’s offering this intensive 5-day vegan Thai training course in Palma Mallorca, Spain! OMG, can you imagine learning how to create vegan chili pastes and curries from May herself? And in beautiful Spain?! In addition, there is a 3-day introduction to Thai raw food preparation. And May will cover Thai favorites such as Tom Yam Soup, Tom Kha Soup, fresh papaya salad, pumpkin hummus, fresh spring rolls and pad thai. And more complex recipes such as stir-fried eggplant and tofu, fried vegetables and spicy basil and fried tofu and ginger will also be on the agenda!


Vegan Thai training Spain May Kaidee cooking class learning


Raw food that will be covered in this class will include Thai coconut pasta, Pomelo salad, and a yummy cream sauce! And you’ll even learn how to make your own homemade soy milk and tofu!


Vegan Thai training Spain May Kaidee cooking class learning class


If you are concerned this special course may be too intensive for you, no worries! May also offers classes in raw food, express Thai cooking, fruit carving, desserts, Thai culture, and so much more!


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The 5-day workshop will be held May 8-12 in Palma Mallorca, Spain. So if you’ve been wanting to learn Thai vegan cuisine from May Kaidee, now’s your chance!

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Or check out her site HERE


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