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These are the Healthiest Cities in America

The healthier cities of America lie on the coasts.

Port cities have always been ahead of the game, since the beginning of trade thousands of years ago. They got everything first: spices, clothing, even news. Now, living in a city means you’re exposed to more diversity, healthier food options, and fashion choices. It also means you’re more likely to care about your health overall and be in one of the healthier cities in America.

According to the research provided by the Search Laboratory (a global digital marketing agency), these are the cities in America whose inhabitants are most commonly searching for superfoods, making them the healthiest cities in America.



Avocado, no doubt, comes out on top with the popularity of avocado toast. Kale follows in second with its resurgence over the last few years. Followed by turmeric – the spice with antioxidants, medicinal properties, and that acts as an anti-inflammatory.




Making the list as the healthiest city in America is Portland, to no one’s surprise. The city is known for its environmentally friendly lifestyle as well as its bountiful vegetarian and vegan options. Plus their influx of millennials moving to the city also lends to its #1 spot. What we find surprising is the Minneapolis beat Los Angeles. However, we must note that Minneapolis does have a growing vegan population and even founded the first vegan butcher shop in the world. So their passion for health is finally getting noticed!

Were you surprised by these results? Do you live in one of the healthiest cities in the country?




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