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The Healing Forces of Planet Earth

The Power Beneath Our Feet

I love rocks. I have since I was a little kid. When I was seven I had a collection of various types of rocks I picked up here and there, including the big daddy of them all – an invertebrate fossil I found in the woods near our house. I didn’t know a lot about rocks back then, but I was, nonetheless, drawn to them. However, as an adult, I came to know the amazing healing power of rocks, now known to me as geodes, crystals, minerals, gemstones and metals. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to call them all rocks. I’d like to share some of the information I have learned with you so that you, too, know about the healing power of rocks.

Rocks and rock formations are everywhere beneath the planet’s surface. If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting a cave, you would have seen the magnificence of the rock formations that Mother Earth, also known as Gaia, has to offer. I have been to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico and smaller caves in Ohio and West Virginia. I was speechless at what I saw and felt. The caves were magnificent and cleansing all at the same time. And, although I haven’t seen it myself, there is a cave in Mexico with gigantic crystals shooting out of the floors, walls and ceiling. There are also some cool caves in Southern Portugal on my list to visit, too.

Rocks and rock formations aren’t just beautiful; they also hold energetic frequencies that have the ability to help us heal. I know for many people that may sound ridiculous – rocks that can heal people – hahaha. But, crystal, rock and geode healing has been around for thousands of years. The ancients knew the similarities between the energies that make up the Earth and the energies that make up humans and were intelligent enough to use one to help the other.

Let me explain. Gaia has energy systems much like our own energy systems. For instance, there are spinning energy centers on the planet called vortices that are similar to the spinning energy centers in humans known as chakras. Additionally, the planet has ley lines which are paths of connected energy that cover the globe, much like acupuncture meridians in us. In the same way that kundalini energy weaves its way up the spine in a DNA-like fashion, energy also rotates throughout the planet. Clearly, this is not a coincidence that we are like Gaia and she is like us. So it would certainly seem beneficial, then, for us to get to know the Earthly resources right below our feet that can help us feel better through rebalancing our imbalanced energies.


Matching Rock Energy with Our Ailments

The human body is made up of various frequencies. Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions can alter those frequencies when they are out of alignment with our natural rhythm – peace, kindness, compassion and love. Anger, resentment, constant unhappiness, stress, judgment – all of these knock our internal, naturally-balanced system off its foundation. So does poor eating and poor sleeping habits.

Gaia also has a natural balance that can be found in her rocks and the energy stored beneath the surface. Our tight-knit relationship with the planet means that not only are we at the mercy of Mother Earth, but she is at the mercy of us. If we look at the world today we can see that the energy of the planet is tipped away from our natural rhythm toward a more unbalanced, unhappy, disconnected place. Our unbalanced state has made us sick just as it has made the planet sick. Correcting this by coming back into balance can be accomplished with rocks. That doesn’t mean to give up traditional medicine completely, but healing the natural way is always the preferred method and can provide a synergistic effect with other healing methods employed.

Each type of rock, stone, crystal, geode or mineral has a specific frequency that aligns to, resonates with and balances our organs and energetic fields. Rocks can help heal what ails us, whether that is mental, physical or both. Being receptive to this idea is important in facilitating healing. Believing in it is key.

Take a look at the chart below to see if any of these rocks might provide some relief and healing for you. You may have to check out different rocks to find the ones that work best for you.


Agate Stomach Upset
Amber Stomach, Spleen, Kidney; Arthritis; Headaches
Amethyst Headaches, Blood and Breathing
Citrine Digestive Problems and Depression
Emerald Heart and Back Problems
Moonstone Pineal Gland, Internal Hormone Cycles
Snowflake Obsidian Muscle Cramps, Detoxification


I have only provided a representative sample here, but there are many books written on the subject where you can find out even more. I can tell you that clear quartz amplifies the energies it is near. So, if there is negativity going on in the form of arguing or resentment, a clear crystal in the room is said to make this louder than it would be otherwise. However, there is a type of quartz called selenite which is beautiful in every way; it can only absorb and give off positive energy so this is a good one to have in your healing collection. I have a lovely large quartz on both of my writing desks. They make me smile.

You can think of rocks as tuning forks. Having them on you, near you or working with them during meditation or other types of healing sessions will provide the rebalancing needed within the body. They help to restore the natural harmony in us and, subsequently, in the planet herself.


Grounding to Our Healing Planet

We don’t often think of rocks as being alive in any way, but everything on the planet resonates at some energetic frequency. This resonance is life itself in action. That means that although rocks may not meet our “living and breathing with a heart and a brain” definition of being alive, rocks are the same as we are at our most basic level. Rocks are living beings in that they have a whirlwind of protons, neutrons and electrons working together to make them what they are just as we do. Knowing this may help you feel a little closer to rocks realizing they are our kindred spirits. One of the ways we can experience this connection is to ground ourselves to the planet’s energetic forces beneath our feet.

Many studies have been published on the positive effects of grounding with the Earth and its health benefits which include a reduction in inflammation and helping wounds heal. This is because our immune system functions best when the energies in our bodies are in balance. In our fast food, cram-everything-in society, our bodies tend to run low on the kind of energy needed to keep us healthy. However, the very energy we need is naturally and easily obtained by doing one simple thing: walking barefoot on the ground. You can also swim in the ocean since saltwater is grounded and cleansing as it is loaded with the ions we need for balancing the body. Both help us heal.

All of this information may seem hard to believe, but this article is meant to challenge you to open your mind to the power of the Earth to provide much-needed healing. When was the last time you walked on the grass, the sand or the dirt of the Earth? I know it has been a long time for me because I wear shoes every day and walk on concrete, asphalt, wooden, carpeted and man-made surface materials. Even in the summer, the closest I get to walking barefoot is flip flops. It might be time for us to go back to basics and ground with Mother Earth, balance our meridians and heal all that needs healed within. Not only is it easy, but it’s free. Enjoy.


I was flying to the UK recently when I was fortunate enough to sit next to a geophysicist who is a professor at Edinburgh University called Andrew. Andrew was the inspiration for this article and so I dedicate it to him and the entire School of Geosciences at Edinburgh University. Thank you for thinking rocks are cool, Andrew!


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