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Have You Ever Been Stuck in a Dress? Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull Will Get You Out!

If you’re a Viva Glam girl, odds are you own a lot of dresses.
You have your go-to dresses for work, your favorite LBDs for going out, and your Instagram-worthy Bohemian dresses for your beach vacation photos. But let’s be honest, if you ever have to do a wardrobe change, don’t you consider the fact that the dress may have a zipper? If you can’t reach it, are you able to pull it over your head? These minor things can cause a huge dilemma if you don’t have your regular wardrobe options ready or if you don’t have someone to give you a hand. This is why this little invention may one day get out of a bind AND your dress!

Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull is just the tool that every woman needs, especially if you’re someone who has to make frequent wardrobe changes
or lives alone. This Zipper Pull allows you full range of your wardrobe, current and future, no matter the zipper situation!


How It Works

1) Attach the hook at the end to your zipper.

Grab the ornament (flower or heart) and pull upwards to zip up your dress.

3) Detach the hook!

BONUS: You can hook it back onto itself to make a necklace or bracelet!

ms dress up zipper full-feature in viva glam magazine-accessories

We also love how this product is made to be
sturdy. The hook is jewelry-grade stainless steel. The rest of the chain is polished silver color. It’s also nickel and allergy-free.

The product may have only recently been funded on
Kickstarter but it’s now available for everyone to buy! The Zipper Pull makes a perfect birthday gift, Mother’s Day gift, or just a gift for any stylish independent woman.

Buy it now for $29.95.


ms dress up zipper full-feature in viva glam magazine-accessories



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