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Halloween Queen Heidi Klum Does it Again with this Thrilling Costume!

Supermodel Heidi Klum Outdoes Herself for Halloween 2017!

Most of us know Heidi Klum as a supermodel, television personality and businesswoman. But did you know that she is also regarded as the Queen of Halloween?

Each year, Heidi is known for her outrageous costumes and her annual Halloween party. And each year she somehow manages to outdo her costume from the year before! This year, her 18th event was held in New York and everyone waited to see what the Project Runway star would be for Halloween!

What has she been in the past? For starters, this Queen of Halloween has been an old lady, Jessica Rabbit, Kali (a Hindu goddess), and a skinless version of herself. And what was she this year?


Well, she took to her Instagram account to show the intricate process she underwent last night. She underwent 10 hours of prosthetic makeup to create this very special costume. With a team of special effects artists, Heidi became the Michael Jackson werewolf in the Thriller video!


You might remember this 14-minute music video that was released back in 1983.  In this groundbreaking video, Michael Jackson is turned into a werewolf. This video was directed by John Landis and the makeup was created by famed special effects artist, Rick Baker, and EFX, Inc.


Heidi looked amazingly similar to Michael Jackson in Thriller including wearing the same costume that comprised of jeans, a signature baseball jacket and horns! We were so impressed with her costume this year, seriously how can she top it in 2018?  Somehow, she manages to do this each and every year with millions of her fans eagerly waiting and anticipating what she will become next time!

Congratulations to Heidi Klum for once again delighting us all with her outrageous Halloween Party 2017!


WATCH: Heidi Klum: The Reigning Queen of Halloween






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