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Hainan Airlines New Uniforms Bring Back the Golden Age of Flying

This Chinese airline’s new uniforms are haute couture!

There was a time decades ago that was considered the Golden Age of Flying, and airlines were different then. During this era, flying was considered a special event. Unlike today where flying is commonplace, decades ago boarding a plane was something you looked forward to with eager anticipation. You didn’t board wearing sweats, tennis shoes and cut-off jeans. Rather, you wore your best suit and women wore heels, their finest dresses and were fully made up.

hainan airlines uniform 3

In addition, food was a culinary delight. You enjoyed a three-course meal that included appetizers, entrée, and dessert. And you were served by a stewardess who was impeccably dressed and coiffed to the nines. Indeed, stewardess were considered the supermodels of their time. After all, this was an era where most women left school directly into marriage and motherhood. Not many women were seen in the workplace at all. And being an airline stewardess was one of the few jobs that afforded women the luxury of being able to travel, see the world and have the freedom to do what they wanted by earning their own income. In fact, many don’t remember that in the 1970’s in the US, a woman was able to get a credit card only when either her father or husband co-signed for it. This was a time when women had very little options in choosing their own destiny.

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But, being a stewardess was one of the most glamorous occupations a woman could have at this time. And the airlines made certain her outfit reflected it. But, as times changed, so did the uniforms. Flying over the decades became more commonplace. And so did the uniforms. Soon, they were wearing khakis, t-shirts and white tennis shoes!  And very quickly, the glamour of flying was gone.

However, today an airline in China has just upped the level of glamour with their new haute couture uniforms! In fact, their dress code has set a new bar for other airlines to follow. Hainan Airlines’ new uniforms are so stylish they look like they were taken out of a high fashion magazine!

hainan airlines uniform 2

This airlines worked with designer Laurence Xu to create uniforms that were inspired by “Cheongsam” which is the traditional Chinese dress. This uniform is a blend of modern and traditional with elements of both Western and Chinese. Some Chinese art elements that are incorporated into the uniforms include clouds, waves and the Chinese mythical bird, the Roc. The men’s uniform has double-breasted overcoats and also reflects traditional Chinese culture.

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Xu Fei, brand director of Hainan Airlines said, “The cooperation between Hainan Airlines and Lawrence Xu is industry leading. We are not only creating a new uniform but also showing the internationalized image of our airline. Especially on international routes, we would like to let passengers know that China is modern and trendy.”


What do YOU think? Is Hainan Airlines bringing back the Golden Age of flying?



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