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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Makeup Artist Says You’re Doing It Wrong!

Have You Been Applying Your Makeup Wrong All Along?


Makeup artist Dick Page thinks you might have to re-evaluate your daily beauty routine!


Did you know that most women stick to the exact same makeup routine each and every day? That’s right, once they learn a specific way of doing makeup that they like, rarely do they vary from it.  Celebrity makeup artist, Dick Page, worked on actress Gwyneth Paltrow this week and believes that many women need to re-evaluate the way they put on makeup.


Page said that most women start off their morning routine with foundation, then cheeks, eyes and lastly lips.  However, he believes you should define the eye first, then add color to the lips and cheeks.  Lastly, see if you need to do anything else.  You don’t need to start with foundation.


He also dissuades his clients away from the heavy makeup as seen in Youtube tutorials. Instead, use a lighter hand in applying cosmetics.  For example, to make eyelashes appear thicker, try applying dark brown or black eyeliner into the base of the eyelash area.  Also, use an eyelash curler to create a soft curl.


Use a pink colored cream blush for pale skin and a plum colored one for darker skin.  And he even suggests using the same cream product on your lips with a nude-colored pencil first.


When it comes to foundation and concealer, he doesn’t believe in completely covering up your skin as seen in some social media makeup tutorials. Rather, he believes that skin simply needs to be evened out.  And if you choose to use highlighter, use it sparingly in the inner corners of the eye.


Remember, less can be more when it comes to applying makeup and you might end up looking more youthful, especially for your “everyday” look!


Thank you, Dick Page!




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