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A Guide to Kite Hill Vegan Products

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We tasted everything Kite Hill makes so you know what to expect.

The higher the demand, the bigger the supply. It’s Economics 101 and we can see it happening before our very eyes. The more that vegans request vegan items at their local grocery stores and restaurants, the more they will have available to them…and the better they become.

The first companies to try producing replacements for meat and dairy were not so good. Some were barely edible and didn’t resemble the real thing at all. Unfortunately that set the stereotype that vegan replacements “don’t taste anything like the real thing”. Well, now they do. The Impossible Burger is breaking down burger barriers in NYC and cheese keeps getting better and better every day. And now, we’ve hit the motherload with Kite Hill.

Kite Hill’s plant-based products tastes almost exactly like, or taste better, than their equivalent product! Specifically, their cheese is grabbing everyone’s attention. Here’s why: all of their cheese products are made following traditional craftsmanship – with nut milk, cultures, enzymes, salt, and fermentation. It might not be made with dairy, but it definitely honors the history of cheese making. Besides their incredible cheese, Kite Hill also makes ravioli and yogurt!

Because we loved each and every product they make, we decided to make a guide so you can try Kite Hill products with confidence. We know you’ll be a repeat customer, just like we are, after the very first bite.




This spreadable cheese is perfect in a salad or spread onto bread. It’s light and airy allowing it to brighten up any vegetable dish but also tone down a spicy recipe.




This spreadable cheese packs a delightful punch of truffle to amuse your palate. This pairs well with garlic and other Italian ingredients. Or, jazz up a vegan grilled cheese with this surprising flavor!




This cheese will be your replacement for brie cheese. While it’s not as gooey as traditional brie cheese, it definitely slices and behaves similarly enough to eat on its own with a wine pairing. It’s incredibly addictive so the fact that the ENTIRE round is under 300 calories is a godsend!



Unlike the other cheeses, this ricotta has a noticeable almond taste but it crumbles and spreads just like a regular ricotta. Use this as a spread, in a lasagna, or add some fruit for a savory/sweet dessert!





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