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Guess Who’s Going Vegan? Kylie Jenner!

Celebrity Kylie Jenner decides to adopt a plant-based diet!

In case you didn’t know, going vegan was one of the biggest trends of last year. Many are now realizing that eating a diet free of animal products is good for both your health and the environment. Who is the latest celebrity going vegan? Superstar Kylie Jenner.

That’s right! Kylie went on her Snapchat account to let all of her fans know that she is changing her diet and going vegan. Specifically, she said she is “trying this whole vegan thing.”

She’s not alone, as statistics show that over 16 million people in the United States alone are now vegan or vegetarian. Studies have shown that adopting a plant-based diet can help to prevent cancer and heart disease, lower your blood pressure, prevent diabetes and even reverse type 2 diabetes. It can also help to control asthma and prevent gallstones, kidney stones and osteoporosis—so there are so many reasons to go veggie.

kylie jenner eating vegan

On her Snapchat account, Kylie photographed her vegan tacos, salsa and a smoothie. Then, she showed her fans “vegan raw soy free dairy free nachos.” And although she has mentioned in the past that she loves hamburgers and spaghetti, we’re certain she can find mouth-watering vegan substitutes that taste great and are better for her body and the environment.

vegan nachos

And Kylie is not the only celeb that has decided to go vegan. In fact, Woody Harrelson, Lea Michele, Tobey Maguire, Casey Affleck, Olivia Wilde, Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone, Ed Begley, Jr. and others not only eat a plant-based diet, they also choose to wear clothing that is made from non-animal textiles.

vegan tacos

Congratulations to Kylie Jenner for adopting a more positive lifestyle for herself and for our planet. In addition to being more ethical, going vegan helps to combat world hunger, conserve water, clean the soil, reduce energy consumption, and purify the air.


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