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Gucci’s Star Trek Line to Explore the Final Frontier…of Fashion, That is!

Gucci unveils the new “Star Trek” inspired 2017 fall/winter line!

Beam me up, Scotty, because we think we’ve seen it all now! This week, Gucci unveiled its new “Star Trek” inspired 2017 fall/winter line that is chock full of aliens from intergalactic planets and 1960’s retro style.

“Gucci and Beyond” was inspired by the Star Trek franchise and follows the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk. Who does he encounter along the way? Supermodel space aliens, robots, and other exotic space travelers, of course!

Images and video of this campaign include a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex fighting space travelers, gorgeous supermodel space aliens with blonde hair, oversized Gucci glasses, and vibrant red lipstick.

gucci green aliens

And you might have noticed the vintage look to this campaign. This was achieved in part due to the low-tech filmography that director, Glen Luchford, used in order to re-create the 1960’s tone. The result is surprisingly similar to the look of the original series that first aired in 1966.

gucci star trek dinosaur

This campaign is striking a chord with not only fashionistas all over the world, but also with Star Trek fans as they are some of the most loyal devotees in the world. Indeed, people have been drawn to Star Trek for over 50 years now and the conventions bring in thousands of fans each year.

gucci with robot

Gucci said on their Instagram account regarding one image in the campaign, “’Captured, women’s looks including a floral brushed mohair hooded coat with sequin appliqués, floral jacquard leggings and Mary Jane pumps with crystal buckle, iridescent gold crépe silk lurex jacket and crystal mesh leggings, a double breasted coat with crystal swirl embroideries and floral jacquard jacket and high waist flare pants.’

gucci star trek on set

We don’t know about you, but we think the new Gucci campaign is literally out of this world. Aye, aye, Captain!


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