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Great Stocking Stuffers Under $25

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Christmas is right around the corner and you’ve probably got a good idea of what everyone wants (or what they’re getting) but then you look at your mantle and realize you’ve got nothing for your stockings. Historically stockings were often endowed with an orange during the Great Depression, and while that’s still an outstanding tradition, you’re probably going to want something a bit more useful; something that won’t spoil and something that isn’t just going to end up in the junk drawer with all the other stocking stuffers. We’ve put together a brief list of great stocking stuffers that you won’t spend more than $25 on; they’re useful and they’ll make you a real hit on Christmas morning before everyone gets around to opening the presents under the tree.


Mary Kay Travel Roll-Up Cosmetic Bag / Hanger

This is one gift that can fit in a stocking and is always going to be appreciated; who doesn’t want a place to keep their makeup? To make it even better, it can be rolled up and carried with you on vacation or even short day trips. The bag features a black swivel hook so you can hang it right on your bathroom door, and removeable pouches that allow you to get to your makeup easily. If there’s a person that isn’t happy to find this in their stocking on Christmas morning, we’d be surprised.

stocking stuffers Mary Kay cosmetic lingerie travel roll up bagPrice: $19

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