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Great News, CVS Jumps on the Chemical Safety Bandwagon!

CVS just announced they will be getting rid of three chemical substances in their personal care section.

A recent trend in retailers has been to take a greener approach to their beauty and skincare products.  In fact, large retailers such as Target and Nordstrom have already led this movement by promising a more eco-friendly stance on beauty. Now, drug retailer CVS is following suit by promising to omit three controversial chemicals from their beauty and skincare lines.


CVS will be omitting parabens, phthalates, and common formaldehyde donors from almost 600 beauty products.  Wow, that’s a ton of products they’ll be cleaning up!  By 2019, CVS products will no longer contain the controversial chemicals.  This includes their in-store brands: Essence of Beauty, Beauty360, and Blade.


What prompted them to make this decision?  Customers began asking for more sustainability in the beauty products they carried.  Cia Tucci, Vice President of Store Brands and Quality Assurance at CVS Health, said, “We listened when customers voiced their desire for products that still provide the benefits they need with fewer ingredients of concern. Today’s announcement is a natural step in the evolution of our comprehensive approach to chemical safety.”



This ban only applies to CVS-owned products. All other brands of shampoo, moisturizer, or other beauty products that are carried, but not owned by them, will still contain their usual ingredients. So if you just have to get your favorite beauty cream that is chemical-loaded, you will probably still find it there. However, CVS omitting harsh chemicals in their own beauty products just might be good enough of a reason to try some of their items instead!


This ban on 3 controversial chemicals is great news for those wanting to lead a greener, more eco-friendly life!


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