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Great News! Beyond Burger Now Available in Hong Kong!

The Beyond Burger is available in the meat capital of the world, Hong Kong!


ICYDK, Hong Kong is considered the meat capital of the world with residents consuming 100 lbs. of beef per capita in 2016. But this month, Beyond Burger announced it’s first international sale, in Hong Kong!


That’s right! This is great news for those wanting to adopt a plant-based diet. This plant-based burger will be available in the protein aisle of Green Common supermarkets. Green Common is a plant-based, eco-friendly shop that advocates sustainable living. Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Burger said, “We hope with this first step into Asia, we can bring greater awareness of the shifting protein paradigm to this vitally important economy.”


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For those of you yet unfamiliar with Beyond Burger, this is a meat substitute that is considered to be the future of protein. It is a plant-based burger patty that can fool even the most discriminating meat-eater into thinking they are eating real meat. It looks, cooks, tastes, and smells like a genuine hamburger, yet is 100% cruelty-free! In addition to being 100% vegan, it also contains no GMOs, soy or gluten. And if offers you 20G of plant protein per serving! Already in the US there are super fans who are loving this new burger that many are saying will some day replace the desire for real meat.


And while Beyond Burger is enthusiastic about spreading the message about plant-based protein overseas, it is also very focused on their US launch.  Here in the States, you can find Beyond Burger at select Whole Foods across the country.


Beyond Burger also offers chicken strips, crumbles, and Beastly Burgers! Yum!!!!!


So, this is a reason for celebration as April is Earth Month!  Happy Earth Month!


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