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Glam Gifts Under $100 for Smaller Budgets

Glam Gifts Under $100

Sometimes you need to purchase a gift that won’t completely break the bank, but that still says, “luxury”, “glam”, and “thoughtful” just like a $500 purchase would. For those times, staying under $100 can really be a relief to your pocketbook. Don’t get stuck buying boring gifts for people who won’t care about them. Rather, consult our list of great gifts under $100 – any person who appreciates high fashion, top tier style, and a vegan lifestyle will love these gifts!


Glamarella Jewelry

Statement pieces abound in the Glamarella Jewelry collection, and the style opportunities are endless. Designed by Italian American Sherry Mattia, the collection is a mixture of modern sophistication and romantic glamour; it’s Bohemian Chic meets Haute Italia Couture. Pieces work well with high fashion as well as down to earth t-shirt and jeans and complete every look in a unique way. Pick something that’s trendy and classic all at the same time, like an Angelica Choker, just $36.




Imoshion Handbags

Imoshian doesn’t just care about selling a product, they care about where it comes from. The Imoshion handbags are cruelty free, vegan handbags that are absolutely to die for. Imoshion means sensibly imagined and luxuriously designed, and that’s exactly what you get with their stunning handbags.

Created from a European aesthetic, these bags contain a modern sensibility that can be detected from miles away. A favorite bag that would be perfect for that Bohemian chic rock star in your life? The Marlowe-Teal-Hobo, which costs a mere $40.



Sephora Tarte Pretty Paintbox Collector’s Makeup Case

The makeup lover in your life will really enjoy a makeup set from the well known and prestigious Sephora brand. A $418 value comes in this set, priced at just $59, and includes a custom collector’s case, and limited edition essentials like eyeshadow, mascara, blush, highlighter, bronzer, eye liner and glossy lip paint. The mascara, liner, and lip paint are all vegan and dermatologist tested, meaning you can give the gift in confidence!


LuMee Selfie Light

Give the gift of flattering pictures by gifting a LuMee Light, a light-enveloped cell phone case that acts to light up the faces of those avid selfie takers. Different shapes, sizes and cases are all available depending on what phone and preference there is, and products start at just $25. Never, ever let your friend take an unflattering, dark selfie again!


Don’t guess at gift giving and miss out on buying the perfect gift at just the right budget. Rather, consider one of these awesome gifts; these gifts under $100 are sure to please each and every individual who receives them!




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