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Glitter Nipples: Do You Dare to Try Fashion’s Newest Trend?

Are glitter nipples in your future?

This year has been a time of daring fashion trends. First, we saw the see-through outfit on red carpets across the globe. Then, we experienced the crotch-bearing dress at Cannes. What could possibly be next? Believe it or not, the newest fashion trend for fall is glitter nipples!

You heard right; flashy, shiny, sparkly, and jeweled breasts hit the runways this season and fashion bloggers labeled them the “alternative to bras”. Yves Saint Laurent’s show at Paris Fashion Week showcased models walking the runway with glittery and bejeweled nipples. This trend can also be seen on social media as influencers are trying out this daring, new look. In fact, fashion blogger, Daisy Keens, said she prefers wearing “disco tits” to bras!

Who can forget Miley Cyrus’ glitter nipples at the VMA’s? Cyrus was styled by the British label Ruth Melbourne who said, “The best way to wear them (nipple covers) is to use spirit gum adhesive, especially if you’re on a night out and don’t want a nip slip.” Others swear by eyelash glue to keep their nipples safe and secure.

What about you? Are YOU ready to wear fashion’s latest trend glitter nipples?










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