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Girls, girls, girls….

The high stakes manhunt…we’re off to the INDY 500 to find them!!!

How many times do we girls complain about finding “Mr. Right,” every girl wants to find their Prince Charming and live happily ever after, right?  But are you really looking in the right places ladies. Listen up, you have to get out of your backyard and travel sometimes to meet the guys, so that means doing things differently.  Most of you want grounded, successful professionals but you’re generally not going to find him in the club or Facebook, on-line dating can be sketchy and dangerous at best.


Come on girls we’re going to the Indy 500.


Living Large went on the manhunt to see what the hype was all about and as it turns out it’s a lot of girl fun too. The 99th Indianapolis 500 was held on Sunday May 24, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a Memorial Day weekend tradition for years. “Indy 500 boasts one of the most affluent and discerning fan bases in all of sports.”  Not a cheap ticket but we all love to travel.  We know men love the big boy toys and the racetracks are just the ticket.


America’s most –attended sports event of the year, this year alone Indianapolis 500 estimated attendance was 220,000. Over the years its been noted that celebrities, royalty, politicians, executives alike have visited this great race. You never know whom you will meet at the Indianapolis 500!


A few cool girl facts….


Impress your girl and guys friends; you’re going to get some one-on-one in man’s most expensive sport, the fastest and most iconic event in all of motorsports.


Mesmerized from the start learning Indy’s history and your guy will too if you speak his language.”  Mari Hulman George, the only child of the late Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner, Tony Hulman. Hulman purchased the speedway in 1945. The Hulman family still owns the track and operates it as a privately run enterprise. Young at heart, 80 years old, Mari Hulman George, a prominent Indiana philanthropists and businesswoman is the current chairman of the Indianapolis Motor speedway…. How cool is that!!!!


The first Indianapolis 500-Mile Race was announced Memorial Day 1911. Nicknamed “the Brickyard” the original track took 62 days to build out of bricks, a path of them still lay across the race track that the winning drivers get down on hands and knees to kiss after winning the race. In the month of May loads of fans flock to the track to watch driver’s test and practice as they gear up the excitement towards race weekend. Even though Indianapolis is a typical Midwest City and the capitol of Indiana. The cities world fame comes from the “Indianapolis 500.”


These cars weigh around 1,500 pounds and hit speeds turning corners at 200mph. Honda, Chevrolet and Mazda is all you’ll see and these teams spend an average of 6 million plus per car. Handsome drivers can be found in colorful tight fitting race suits and are between the ages 20-32. A driver generally retires around their mid-thirties.  Don’t fall in love to quick girls; these handsome guys are married to their sport. Stick to meeting spectators there instead, or just crush out on the drivers if you have too, their all pretty handsome studs.


Come on girls and guys let’s get those motors revving. This sport is a layer of class where perspiration is worn with pride. Sports of class are expensive tickets but well worth the spectator cost and hey Indianapolis goes all out for the Memorial Day weekend affair.


I suggested you enjoy all the city has to offer; my top tourist suggestions while visiting Indy is the Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Eagle Creek Park and Nature Preserve, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States. The park features 1,400 acres of water and 3,900 acres of dry land to explore or visit the Indianapolis Zoo, a 64-acre park with Aquarium, Botanical Garden and Butterfly Exhibit.


Indianapolis nightlife has something for everyone, from upscale lounges and clubs to those chill dive bars. If you want to get your grove on and dance the night away there’s plenty of places to choose from.  Nicky Blaine’s is an upscale cocktail lounge, with a jazzy beat and is the popular hot spot for the locals. You know guys dig those cigars, check out Blend Bar Cigar, it’s just the spot to man hunt. You might even spot some of the drivers out on Sunday night after the race.


The nights heat up with tons of VIP parties, racecar driver dinners, it’s an exhilarating experience; serious Indy is one big party after another.  One of my favorites parties was the annual Snakepit Ball where celebrity and guest walk the red carpet. Yes, it’s a formal affair!!!


Indy loves to eat and they appreciate their fine dining. My favorite suggestions for all you foodies out there is Eagles Nest Restaurant, a revolving spot on top of the Hyatt Regency that has amazing 360-degree views of the city with an upscale American fare. Everyone loves pizza; check out Bazebeaux, everything is made from scratch, fresh ingredients and they offer gluten-free. It’s the beginning stop to party central, once you see the dancing woman you’ll know you’ve arrived, you can find many spots for cocktails and conversation on this happening street. Mamma Carolla’s is a little north but well worth the drive if you like upscale Italian Mediterranean-style villa offers garden seating and full-bar, it’s ummm….. So yummy!!!  Looking for a delicious healthy breakfast or lunch, look no further than Café Patachou!


For you girls who love to shop, the Fashion Mall has all your flagship stores, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. If you need a great blow-dry or rejuvenate with a spa treatment, speed on over to Evan Todd Spa and Salon.  It is just the place for you.


Well there you have it girls.  If you’re single and looking for a cool place to potentially meet “Mr. Right,” grab your favorite girl friends and head out to a sporting event or start planning for 2016 100th running of Indy 500…you never know where you might find the love of your life!





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