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Get Rid of Static in Your Hair STAT

Static in Your Hair

Static hair is and has always been a bit of problem for hair-having people, more so than any of us would like to admit. One minute your hair looks just fine, you’re a supermodel, you could be walking the red carpet! The next minute your hair looks like a mop. So, what happened? Why does hair become statically charged? Well as we just implied, it occurs when hair becomes charged with electricity.

Hair is made of atoms, and when electrons move from one atom to the next, they become electrically charged, causing the effect we see so often. There are a few ways to stop your hair from becoming electrically charged and it doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as you’re thinking.


Tip #1: Go for the Dryer Sheet

You already have dryer sheets in your home, so why not put them to good use? All you need to do is take one and rub it against your comb or brush – for bonus points, keep your combs and brushes wrapped up in them. During the winter, this is a great way to keep everything static free, including your hair.



Tip #2: Use Product

Rubbing in hair serum or spraying leave-in conditioner into your hair is a great way to avoid static. But,  if your hair is already a bit static, then one of the best things that you can is to rub hair serum into it. Try keeping a travel-size bottle in your bag or car during the winter months for when you notice it starting to perk up.



Tip #3: Increase the Humidity

A lack of humidity in the air is quite often the direct cause of static in hair, though you probably already knew that. If it’s particularly dry in your home, try adding some humidifiers into your space, or even turn the humidifier in the house up. This should increase the moisture in the air and therefore give you less of a problem.



Tip #4: Use an Ionic Hair Dryer

There are two very good reasons to go the ionic route. First of all, it reduces the amount of time that you spend drying your hair and let’s be honest, who doesn’t  want to reduce that time? Secondly, it will neutralize the electric charge in your hair. There you have it; there are two huge benefits that you will absolutely enjoy.



Tip #5: Comb it with Metal or Rubber

Plastic combs cause static. We’re not going to go into the extensive explanation that this warrants but trust us, they do. For better results, use a metal or rubber comb instead.


There are plenty of other ways to reduce the static electricity in your life, but now you have some of the basics to help keep your hair under control – you’ll thank us later.





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