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Get On These Luxury Islands With AirBnB

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You may not be so lucrative that you can purchase you’re own island, but if your savvy enough in navigating the world of shared spaces, you can come close to renting one. Air BnB is that fantastic home sharing site you’ve heard of, where you can rent out a room, a suite, or an entire home from anywhere at anytime … including on tropical, luxury islands.

Many people have decided to take advantage of this type of convenience, and have avoided overly expensive hotel stays and nonsensical processes that accompany renting from a hotel.

Why wouldn’t you want to stay in a native environment when you go on vacation… be one of the people instead of a tourist? If you want to avoid tourist heavy locations and jump straight to a luxurious island, Air BnB is definitely the way to go. And which luxurious islands can you do this?


Popa Island, Panama

All you need is a handful of friends to come stay with you, and this whole island is yours via Air BnB. This island boasts five eco-friendly bungalows and is situation in the Bocas del Toro archipelago; it’s surrounded by mangroves and a coral reef for all of those snorkel lovers out there. Other features of the island? There are a few monkey residents, a hammock suspended over water, and the opportunity to “hunt” for crocodiles with your host.


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