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This process is intended to straighten hair.  Are you still able to curl your hair after if you want to?


Lasio Keratin Treatments are a smoothing treatment intended to reduce the curl pattern in the hair, while eliminating 100% of the frizz.  Our Keratin Tropic is perfect for the woman who loves her curl, but hates her frizz.  You can still keep your curl with this formula.


What steps did you take to make certain your products would be the most effective and safest on the market? Are they organic and cruelty-free?


Partnering with a reputable chemist and regulatory team is critical to developing and launching quality and safe products.  Our products are not organic, but are cruelty-free.


After you receive a Brazilian Keratin Treatment, what do you recommend to maintain that silky look?


After a Lasio Keratin Treatment, You must refrain from using any products that contain sodium chloride.  This particular ingredient weakens the formula.  We have developed a keratin infused aftercare line called Hypersilk to compliment our keratin treatments. Hypersilk consists of daily shampoos and conditioners, styling products and heat protectants.


Straightening System by Lasio, photo by Raquel Reeves

photo by Raquel Reeves



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