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(G.O.T) Game of Thrones – You Can Do Cerise’s The Walk Of Shame

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Game of Thrones Filming Locations

Full disclosure: we don’t want to visit Westeros. We like it as a fantasy world, but we’d like to keep it a fantasy if you don’t mind! Seriously, one step into that place and you’re being either imprisoned, tortured, set on fire, or drowned. If you’re Sean Bean you’ll be killed regardless, but can you imagine going through what they just subjected Cersei to?


Even though you probably don’t want to find yourself thrown into the actual world of GOT, you might want to consider thinking about visiting some of the locations depicted in the show. Some of the recurring sets, such as the Iron Throne are shot at Paint Hall Studios in Belfast, but most of the shoots occur on location in spots like:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Croatia
  • Spain


Whether you love the show, hate it, or don’t care, you have to admit that there are some pretty amazing landscapes in play. With a lot of help from Silk – GoT Filming Locations, we’re going to list just a few of them, and you can start packing your bags.


A Not-So-Red Wedding; Visit Daenarys Wedding Spot

You’re probably pretty familiar with the wedding of Daenarys and Khal Drogo. These shots were filmed at the Azure Window in Malta – an amazing spot, to say the least.



Game of Thrones Azure Window Daenerys Wedding



Visit the Iron Islands

The islands weren’t actually islands, but rather Ballintoy Harbour on the shores of Northern Ireland. It’s a great reason to visit Northern Ireland anyway, right?


Game of Thrones Iron Islands Ballintoy Harbour Northern Ireland Stephen Dickey Photography

Stephen Dickey Photography


GoT Scene Location(s)

Port of Pyke (Iron Islands)
Dragonstone Landing
Lord of Light Tribute



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