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Front Row at Fashion Week LA: Vamping to the Nth Degree

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New York Fashion Week is one of the most celebrated weeks for fashion in the world. Everyone wants to be there and be seen there. The same goes for Paris, Milan, and London. But Los Angeles? It was almost laughable.

We showed up promptly, and quite early, around 1pm for the 2pm show, just in case there was a line and they needed to organize the audience according to attendance and photography set-ups.
We waited until 1:40pm to walk in and…there were still only a few dozen people in the room. As 2pm came around, we figured they must be running a few minutes late. Nope! The show started at 3pm and then lasted around 20 minutes.

The models were amateurs and their walks were OK at best.
Additionally, when they modeled the lingerie collection, their bodies were not prepared to showcase them. While all of the models were thin, you could tell all of them focus mainly on cardio and spend none of their time on strength training. Please start taking care of yourself ladies.

As the 2pm show started an hour late, we assumed the 4pm show would also be late. But still, we couldn’t believe how late it really started. The 4pm show started at 6pm! 2 HOURS LATE. We understand if there were some technical difficulties or if someone got hurt, but we heard absolutely NOTHING of what was causing the delay. So for what we can assume, it was pure disorganization.

The facilitators of the evening even tried to fill in the time gaps by interviewing random people involved with the show. They interviewed a social media expert, three male models (at once), James Kennedy (model and cast member of
Vanderpump Rules), and, the worst part, random members of the audience. Attendees were caught off-guard and were stunned. The facilitator also prefaced these interviews by saying, “Hmmm…let’s see who looks nice” and then walked past a few dozen people. So…those people she passed were not too thrilled.

The “2pm”
show featured designers such as Adil Bourabi, Lou Lou, Evae Evae, and The Valdecio Collection.
The “4pm” show featured designers such as Naven, Mena Lombard, and Minan Wong.

Next year, we hope they find a way to become more organized as we would love to continue attending Los Angeles Fashion Week. But if the event doesn’t find a way to do so, we will gladly look to other cities for fashion weeks.


Lou Lou Los Angeles fashion week viva glam magazine

Lou Lou


Adil Bourabi viva glam magazine

Adil Bourabi


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