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Floured Up Baking Gets Passionate About Dessert-Making from Scratch

Just about everyone loves homemade desserts made from scratch.
But not many of us have the time or skill to create them.
Hripsime “Helen” Kanataryan makes delicious, homemade bakery items that are guaranteed to make your taste buds sing!
Yes, these are the delicious “ooey gooey”, chocolately, mouth-watering desserts you can only dream of! And Helen’s bakery, Floured Up Baking, specializes in making all of your confectionary dreams come true!

viva glam magazine 4 baking

VIVA GLAM spoke to Helen after we tasted her spectacular desserts at the launch of the Celebrity Issue with Leah Remini.
The first thing I noticed about Helen’s creations is that they are exceptional, innovative, and had so much extra care taken for each handmade item.
I especially loved the cake pops that were moist, full of chocolate and so delicate. I asked her how long she has been creating her masterpieces and what her culinary background was.
Helen told me, “I have been cooking and baking for about 20 years now. I took a few baking classes at Le Cordon Bleu, but it was too easy for me. So I left the program because I already knew what they were teaching.”

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Helen is known for several signature dishes. Her most popular are Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. We had the opportunity to sample her tabbouleh salad, stuffed grape leaves, kale salad and hummus on a recent photo shoot with Joanna Krupa.
The entire crew loved this healthy, fresh and delicious menu that Helen had created for us.
And Joanna especially loved the fresh kale salad!


Helen’s most popular desserts are the cake pops, baklava, fruit shaped cookies and edible babies that are extremely lifelike.

viva glam magazine babies baking

In addition to traditional baking, Helen also offers custom, high-end cakes for weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions.
And she also creates fun and colorful candy and fruit stations.
And, of course, she loves event planning from A to Z!


I asked Helen how she came up with the catchy name, Floured Up Baking.
She explained, “I am working out my home and looking to expand into a store front in the next year. I had a tough time figuring out a name.
Then, I remembered how I always ended up wearing flour by the time I am done baking.
Hence the name “Floured Up Baking”!

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Having had so many years of experience baking, I asked her for some simple advice for the novice baker.
She was kind enough to explain that for beginners it is best to follow the recipe step by step until they are comfortable to put a twist on it with their own unique style. Baking and cooking can be very fun and therapeutic if you do it with a partner.
I agreed and also asked her about vegan or vegetarian options that she might have as so many of my friends are both vegan and vegetarian.
Helen explained that her #1 selling dishes are vegan: pesto eggplant sandwiches and stuffed grape leaves.
She also has desserts that are vegetarian-friendly as they contain no eggs or dairy.

viva glam magazine cake baking

Although Floured Up Baking is not a licensed business yet, you can order Helen’s delicious, homemade items by contacting her on Instagram @flouredupbaking, Facebook @flouredupbaking, [email protected] and her direct line, 818-263-9797.




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