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2017 is Flexing its Food Trends

2017 Food Trends

2017 is introducing some interesting trends on all fronts, and we can’t say that food is much different. The first thing we want to mention is the utter defeat of food waste. This is not to say that we have fully mastered it, but we’ve come a long way. There are so many different food byproducts can be used for other purposes, like the rinds, the peels, shells, and even the seeds.

Statistically, 25-40% of food in the United States will never actually be eaten, but we’re trying to push through it by recycling every single item – it’s a work in progress. The defeat of food waste is on the horizon, and that’s just one of the amazing trends that is coming out of 2017.

So what else is 2017 bringing us? What more can we expect? Aside from the reduction in food waste, there are several new food trends that are making their presence known, starting with chilled red wine.


Chilled Red Wine – What?

There are some who definitely won’t endorse this one but we think it’s worth a try. More and more reds these days are being served chilled, often being referred to a ‘fruit forward’ style. The idea behind chilling them is to bring out the wine’s brightness and while many wines are not particularly designed to be chilled, there are some restaurants that are starting to offer what are referred to chillable wine.


Photo Credit Tomas Williams red vino wine bottle dew drops chilled

Photo Credit Tomas Williams


Adding Charcoal to Drinks

2017 has brought about yet another trend, which is that of adding charcoal to your drinks. Have you ever thought about the health benefits of charcoal? If not, have you at least considered putting it in your shake? No? Well, charcoal has plenty of benefits including:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Hangover-Curing
  • Detoxification

As 2017 progresses you’re going to see a lot more drinks that use charcoal, so keep an eye out!



More Filipino Food!

We’ve always thought that Filipino food was great, but it’s become even more prominent in 2017. There are so many different vegan options and tons of great restaurants all over the country. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can try one of the many Asian fusion options – it’s a real treat!


Buddha Bowls

As a vegan, this is one trend that you are absolutely going to love this. They’re bowls that are comprised of healthy grains and protein along with any vegetable you can imagine. You can get these at many of the local restaurants in your city, or you can make them at home. As many have said, it’s impossible to ‘mess it up’, because, in a Buddha bowl, almost anything goes. If you do need inspiration, however, there are several recipes online.





Creative Pasta Alternatives

If you’re a fan of pasta but tired of the old recipes, check out one of our pasta alternatives – you’re sure to find something that will compliment your lunch routine perfectly:

Vegetable Pasta

Bean Pasta

Pasta Alternatives


Vegan Restaurants – World Wide

All over the world, vegan restaurants have become incredibly popular, which shouldn’t surprise anyone that has been following social trends to any extent. Some of the most popular franchises include Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger, which have done a great job of coming incredibly close to the real meat while maintaining the cruelty-free standard. Look for vegan restaurants as you travel – they’re everywhere now!


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2017 is bringing some serious changes to the food world, so empty your stomach and ready your palette. Most importantly, venture into the world with the knowledge that there is FINALLY a place for vegans.







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