Five Makeup Looks We Hope Go Away Soon
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Five Makeup Looks We Hope Go Away Soon

Anyone who keeps up with the fashion industry is well aware that trends in fashion come and go. While sometimes we want trends to stick around a little longer than they actually do, sometimes we’re just plain happy to see them go. When it comes to makeup, the “in” looks change seasonally. We’ll help you keep up with what’s “in” and what’s not, and we won’t hesitate to share our opinion along the way. Here are five makeup looks we hope go away soon.


The Heavily Applied Look  – Dark, Drawn on Eyebrows, Too Much Contouring, Dry Matte Lips  

There seems to be a pendulum on the fashion and beauty scale, and usually what’s “in” falls on either side of that scale. As the pendulum swings, both sides get recognition and what’s in between is often left out. Right now, there’s no doubt about it: natural is in. The organic, raw look of minimal makeup has us dazzled, and that’s on one side of the scale. The other side we don’t love, and that’s the side of heavily applied makeup. Don’t get us wrong, we love our makeup, and even lots of it. But when it looks heavily applied, it was just done wrong. We’re completely over the look, including drawn on eyebrows, too much contouring, and dry matte lips.


Glitter Lips

Speaking of unnatural… who in their right mind wants to pull off glitter lips? The only time we ever see this as passable is maybe on New Years Eve, but even then wouldn’t you rather be sexy instead of flashy? Glitter lips are making a statement these days on the heavily applied makeup side of the scale we just mentioned, but we really don’t like it.


Images of Rainbows, Unicorns, Landscapes, etc. Drawn on the Upper Eye Lid

Someone took a page from the books of nail art, tattoos, and crazy leggings, and merged them all to form a new look, and it’s really hard to get a grip on. Nothing says “look at me” like a unicorn drawn on your eyelid. It’s not good ladies, don’t do it.


So Much Highlighter That You Glow Like a Disco Ball

We’re just going to say this one time: a little goes a long way, and yes you can overdo it easily when it comes to highlighter. A healthy glow does not equal a bright, neon glow that people can detect from the other side of the grocery store. Take our advice: use it subtly, minimally, and stay as natural as possible, not as yellow as possible.


Mink Eye Lashes

Nothing is more gross than wearing animal fur on your face! We can’t really even talk about it … We’re not for wearing animal fur in any way, shape, or form, but somehow you cross an even bigger line, one that we didn’t even know existed until mink eye lashes when you attach animal fur to your face.


Don’t you agree? We really hope to see these five make up looks on their way out very soon!




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