5 Feminine Fashion Brands We Love

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When it comes to fashion, there are a handful of unquestionable name brands that stand out. These names have transcended time having been around for decades, and seem to set a standard for feminine fashion brand that otherwise wouldn’t exist. These brands are trend-setters, not trend-followers, and they truly know what their target markets are ready for before the market even has an idea. They produce consistently well received items and continue to impress everyone with their industry expertise. What are they?


Dolce & Gabbana

Arguably one of the most prestigious brands of today’s time, Dolce & Gabbana is widespread and well known for their feminine luxurious fashion. This Italian fashion brand has been producing unique women’s collections since their founding in 1985. In 1991, they made their name known in the fashion industry when they won the Woolmark award for “the most feminine flavor of the year”. Their success (and revenue) has snowballed since, as they’ve taken the high end fashion market by storm time and time again.


feminine fashion dolce and gabbana


feminine fashion dolce and gabbana holiday


feminine fashion dolce and gabbana ads


Dolce, we love you for your ads alone!




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