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We have all been there. Unhappy with some part of our lives, but unable to believe there is a better version for us. A better version of ourselves. I’m here to tell you there is! If you’re asking the question, this means you are searching for truth within. This is how change starts, this is where it begins. It takes courage to change. It takes strength. Let’s do this!


Perhaps your body image is weighing you down, or you just can’t keep up with activities like you used to. You’re not happy with what you see in the mirror, or you just feel there is a better version of yourself in there someplace.


“It’s in our weakness that we find strength”.


When we are unhappy with ourselves, that inner dialogue nags at us continually, whispering that we don’t have what it takes to make a real change. We may think to ourselves that we aren’t strong enough to face the challenge, that we don’t have the strength to be the person we dream of becoming. We may even tell ourselves that we aren’t worth the effort. We convince ourselves there is nothing to be done about it, we accept a lesser version of who we where created to be.


I’m here to tell you…you can change, you can be the person you dream of becoming, and you are strong enough! When we make that definitive decision to let go of the negativity in our lives, the power and strength that comes forth is astounding.


“Sometimes we’re holding on so tight that we don’t allow ourselves to let it go. It’s ok, it’s about trust and faith. By letting go, we let God.”


Here’s a secret…


Strength doesn’t come from what we can do. It arises from overcoming those things we’ve always told ourselves we couldn’t do. Strength comes from the truth we’re searching for from within, it comes from facing our demons head on, and embracing all the stuff we don’t like about ourselves…the dark parts.


I believe we have to embrace our whole selves, even the dark parts in order to walk in freedom.”


In order to make change we have to be willing to, even just for a moment, drop our defenses and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to be honest, and to listen for our authentic voice. What are we telling ourselves? What are we hearing? What is the truth?


We must be honest with ourselves and admit what is making us unhappy and why we doubt ourselves.


Once we have identified the source of our unhappiness, we may then find ourselves with a list of excuses as to why we can’t make that change we so desperately desire. We must realize that excuses are just fear in disguise, and that fear is there to protect us from discomfort or danger, whether real or imagined. Change is uncomfortable, it’s challenging, and it’s a little dangerous.


We must dig deep down to acknowledge what we are afraid of, it might be failure, weakness, ridicule, the unknown, or some other story we created in our mind.


Use the truth you find, that knowledge you uncover, to begin the process of positive change. When we face our fears, when we look at those dark parts of ourselves, we can begin to take control of them, we can seek out better alternatives to moving forward which will ultimately improve our lives.


We will take back our power.


You don’t need to go it alone. I recommend seeking a support system to lift you up and encourage you to work toward your goals. You will more than likely find that once you begin the process, and once you start to see changes, all those fears will turn into motivation and you will find yourself feeling accomplished and more confident.


Finding your truth in the shift will give you a new found strength and power you didn’t know you had.


But guess what, just like Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz, you’ve had the power all along..






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Michael-Blu is an Entrepreneur, the CEO of Blu Seth Farms® and Super SmartBurst™ The Lifestyle. He's an Inspirationalist, a Singer, Speaker, Lifestyle Expert/Coach, Chef, Skincare Guru and the Author of SHIFTING POINTS: Finding Truth In The Strange and Extraordinary Moments of Life. Michael-Blu also co-authored with Seth Lewis the inspirational dog photo book WOOFS OF WISDOM which was photographed by famed dog photographer Jesse Freidin and the children's book HELLO HOLLYWOOD. His focus is on health & wellness, and his passion is inspiring others to find their true authenticity while traveling life's path.

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