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Final Images Taken Ever of Marilyn Monroe Go Up For Auction

Images from movie icon Marilyn Monroe’s final photoshoot go on sale.

If you’re a fan of  Old Hollywood and screen legend, Marilyn Monroe, you might have the opportunity to bid on never-before-seen images of her final photo shoot! That’s right! A series of vintage images are going up for auction. They are a part of a collection that was shot by famed photographer, George Barris. He was on assignment for Cosmopolitan Magazine and took the images of Monroe in June 1962, ironically just weeks before her death at at the age of just 36.

marilyn sitting

Barris and Monroe ended up spending a few weeks shooting together at different locations in Los Angeles, including the beach in Santa Monica and in the Hollywood Hills. Now, this collection, titled Platinum Blonde: Collectible Marilyn, will be up for auction from now until August 11th.

There will be over 150 images of Marilyn and many have never been seen publicly before. Also, some of these photos were acquired by a private collector during the 1980s.  George Barris died in 2016.  Each of the photos measures 5 x 7 inches and is personally signed by Barris himself.

marilyn on phone

Some images include Marilyn frolicking happily on the beach posing with seaweed, lounging in bed while on the telephone, getting her hair done, and sipping champagne on a balcony in the Hollywood Hills!

Are you wondering how much the images are going to sell for? Estimates range from $8,000 to $24,000 each!

If you want even more memorabilia, there are other personal items for sale, such as her eighth-grade class photo and classic movie posters from films such as “Some Like It Hot” and “The Seven Year Itch”! So if you are a huge Marilyn fan and want to own a piece of your favorite movie star, now is your chance to bid on a piece of movie history!



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