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Fifty Shades of Grey: How to Integrate Grey Into an Unexpected Winter Glam Look

Makeup is truly a form of artistic expression. It’s all about fun and exploring what works for you and what doesn’t with every new trend. We live in a world of constantly evolving beauty trends. Some are definitely more scary than others. Over the past couple of years we’ve noticed grey having a huge moment. From bold  lips to eye shadow, it’s now a serious contender for a shade in elaborate makeup lines.

The color grey is especially appropriate and suited for winter. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how you can incorporate some grey makeup into your routine without looking like a corpse. When winter fashion revolves around jewel tones and overall dark shades, now is the time to experiment with grey.

Grey Eyeshadow

The options really are endless with eyeshadow. You can get a light grey, metallic, almost-black, whatever works! If you simply interchange your grey eyeshadow with a neutral brown in any look you’re used to, it will just give it a cool tone and lighten up your smokey eye.


IG @kathleenlights

There’s no reason to be scared of grey! Grey eyeshadow is super easy to use. It’s just another dark shade to blend into your crease! We love how Kathleen Lights created this simple eyeshadow look above. She actually even patted some of the metallic shadow onto her lips to bring the look together!

Silver Is a Metallic Grey, Right?

Grey can be scary. Especially if you’re pale, you’ll always have the concern that it can leave you looking a little dead. Well, we find that the best way to dabble into the tricky color is to start with its glittery sister. There are tons of silver glitters on the market with a grey base.


IG @jaclynhill

Pat some of the glitter all over your lids with any look at all and it’ll give it a cool-toned look that is very appropriate for winter. Think of this as your gateway grey makeup item. We won’t tell!

Grey Lipstick

Grey lips have become incredibly popular over the last few years. There are hundreds of options and formulas on the market; from metallic and mattes, to lipsticks and lip glosses, the options are endless.


IG @chloemorello

This lip can be paired with almost any and all looks. Granted, it is better matched to a cool-toned eyeshadow look, but it is still versatile. They can give you a gorgeous ice queen vibe, and if you choose the right undertone you don’t have to worry about looking dead!

All Grey Makeup Look

If you’re ready to fully tackle this trend and own it, then why hold back? Go for an entirely grey look. Grey eyes, lips, even a silver-toned highlighter! We love this gorgeous look Nikkie Tutorials created using all grey! Invest in a great liquid lipstick and it can double as an eyeshadow and liner as well!


IG @nikkietutorials

She has a beautiful smoky halo eye with a pop of gold in the center. Draw your liquid lipstick into the crease and blend it out quickly with a brush. Then go for a grey eyeliner like hers and finish things off with a matte lip. You’d think so much of one color can look overwhelming, but it actually all goes beautifully together. The gold pop really breaks the look up to stop it from looking too much. This look is beautiful especially if you plan on rocking a silver outfit.


Are you excited to try out grey? If you try out this color on Instagram, tag us in the photo!



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