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Our Favorite Celebrities Who Have Gone Batsh*t Crazy

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Crazy, sure, but who would ever believe they could go batsh*t insane? It is often a guilty pleasure to catch up on celebrity gossip. I mean, after all, we may not be a part of their lives, but they are certainly a part of ours! But on occasion, fame, fortune, and excess seem to go to their heads; while others may have serious mental issues. Instead of ridiculing them, we need to understand that they may not always be able to control their behavior. With awareness of mental health issues on the rise, patience and kindness are the only answer to someone facing times like this. Even celebrities are not super human or immune to mental health issues and tough times in life.

Here are some of our favorite celebrities who have either gone completely batsh*t, or just suffered mental moments.


Britney Spears

Who can forget Britney’s shaving head incident in 2007!


celebrity batsh*t moments Brittany Britney Spears


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